Future Alumni Events

Our WhatsApp Culture Group

Members are invited to join the "self-organising WhatsApp group” for CamSoc cultural events - see newsletter for details.

Other Future Events of Special Interest to our Members

  •  20th July to 25th August (5 weeks) - La Table Ronde de l’Architecture's architectural school in Bruges (in English). If interested sign up before 31st March. See: www.latablerondearchitecture.com.


University of Cambridge Term Dates and Calendars

Past Events

Can be found here


  • Details of all events are communicated to members by email.  Find out about membership here.
  • "Alumni Events"are either organised by us or by our sister organisations.
  • "Other Events" that are either organised by Members or suggested by our Members which we think are of particular interest or to which the Society has been specially invited. If you wish to organise an event for the Society or have an event which you think would be of particular interest to the Membership, please let us know.
  • If you have any good photographs of Cambridge or recent events please email them to webmaster@camsoc.be for possible inclusion on our website.