Our New Website

A new member said that our old website was great for the 1970's. We pointed out that there weren't any websites in the 70's... but we got the point. Thus, we have a new 21st century one which is even mobile friendly. The old website now forms an integral part of this website. As always: comments welcome!

Thursday, 27th April – The Annual Dinner

In preparation -- save the date

Tuesday, 7th March, 18:00 – Wiener Anspach Lecture! Professor Matthew Reynolds on Prismatic Translation.

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The Cambridge Society of Belgium was founded on the initiative of a number of long-term residents of Belgium, and was inaugurated on 28th January 1994. It exists to enable those who live in Belgium and have connections with the University, to maintain contact with each other, and to share a number of common interests. A number of associated Cambridge Societies exist in the UK, and in many countries across the world.

We aim to:

  • spread information about the University, its activities, achievements and the wide ranging contributions it makes to national and international communities;
  • offer Cantabrigians a ready circle of like-minded friends;
  • enable those with half an eye on their careers to be effortlessly well-connected;
  • provide diverse entertainments, frequently amateur, occasionally of a very high standard, generally to be partaken of with hands in pockets and occasional wry remarks;
  • lay on opportunities for nostalgia;
  • tease Oxford (wherever that is);
  • remind Cantabrigians of what they long suspected;

Membership is open to all those who have studied or taught at Cambridge University in some capacity. Those interested in becoming a Member, please click here.


If any member has experience in web design, especially WordPress or communications, please get in touch and we are looking for a CamSoc webmaster; if you are interested in helping or taking charge please contact webmaster@camsoc.be . If you have any good photographs of Cambridge or recent events please email them to webmaster for possible inclusion on our website.