Interested in becoming a Member?

Membership is open to all those who have studied, study or taught at Cambridge University, and are currently resident in Belgium. Our members come from a wide range of matriculation years, nationalities and professions.

To become a Member, please contact the Honorary Secretary, Matija Matoković (, with the following information: your full name, your full address, telephone number, e-mail, (alternative email address too if possible), College and Year of Matriculation, your Subject and Highest Degree. Subsequently you will be asked to pay your annual subscription as below.

If you join during the Michaelmas Term then your payment covers the following year as well.

Bank Transfer:
IBAN: BE26 0689 0251 7329, BIC: GKCCBEBB,
in the name of: “Cambridge Society of Belgium”,
memo: “<lastname> <firstname>, Cambridge Society Subscription”

Membership & Annual Subscriptions 2021

As in previous years the annual subscription fee for Members is 30 euros (50 euros for two alumni in the same household). ** However, due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we have decided that subscriptions paid in the 2020 period (including those at the end of 2019) will cover membership for 2021. Hoping for a better year.**

We now offer “Student membership” at no cost. To qualify you must be a full-time student of the University.

Payment should be made preferably by wire transfer (virement) or in person to the Treasurer when attending an event (exact money please!). We do ask you not to request payment confirmation. 99.999% of electronic payments are received perfectly. We will normally chase you if we do not receive your annual subs. Occasionally members pay twice or the wrong amount. We will get back to you if that happens. Thanks!

Please see here to help us refind “Lost members”.